Bill Moyers and Winner take all politics

The first issue of my Policy and Politics Newsletter, back on 11/1/11, was an atypical item. It provided a link to a speech by Bill Moyers at an event honoring Ralph Nader and the 40th anniversary of his organization, Public Citizen. I did not send other videos, let alone anything this long – 20 minutes. But Bill Moyers and this speech are special. I imagine many of you feel the way I do about Bill Moyers: he is incredibly well informed, thoughtful, and articulate. His professionalism and integrity set a standard that all should aspire to. I hope you can find the time to listen to this.

Bill Moyers: Democracy in Shambles: “Money First, People Second… If At All”

In January, Bill Moyers came back on public television. You can also download the podcasts of the shows from or other sources. His first show back (Jan. 13) was on Winner Take All Politics, the title of a recent book by Hacker and Pierson, whom Moyers interviews. The book and show document that the huge income disparity in the US (see issue #4 of my newsletter) is, in large part, the result of government policies over the last 30 years. Although globalization, technological change, and other changes in our economy have been factors, the real culprit is our public policies and how they have responded to these challenges. Other countries face these same challenges but have not experienced the dramatic increase in inequality that has occurred in theUS. A further summary of the show is in newsletter issue #21.

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